Synthetic Rubber:
  Styrene Butadiene Rubber(SBR)
  High Styrene Rubber(HSR)
  Zinc Oxide
 Rubber Auxiliaries:
  White Carbon Black
  Silane Coupling Agent
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     Shandong Silver-Spring Industrial Co.,Ltd was established in 1993 by Dr Kong, who is the former researcher and engineers in synthetic rubber & couping agent. We are a professional manufacturer & exporter of shoe making chemicas with factory located in Shandong Province, Our products including:
Synthetic Rubber: Styrene Butadiene Rubber(SBR) High Styrene Rubber(HSR), Vulcanizator: Zinc Oxide Rubber Auxiliaries: White Carbon Black Silane Coupling Agent (A-151,A-171,A-172,KH-550,KH-560,KH-570,KH-580,KH-590)

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What is High styrene rubber ?
Relation between SBR & HSR?
What is white carbon black?
What is silane coupling agent?
  High styrene rubber is widely used in shoe-making industry to make shoes at the end of shoe foam, sponge soles, heel, imitation leather uppers, and so on. Because of their superior electrical properties, but also used as electrical insulation materials. Can also be used to the hard-rubber plate, rubber floor of the reinforcement agent, and their general usage in the 30% -50%. High styrene rubber by polymerization of styrene monomer form. With the other two vinyl and rubber.

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